Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wanganui to near Bulls 60? Km

Wanganui to near Bulls 60? Km

A late start to the days riding - it's more rolling hills to ride over today for the first 25 km then the road mostly flattering out as I get closer to the town of Bulls (around 50 km into the days riding) where I spend a bit of time around town before heading out of town towards Sanson but turning off the main road on to a bike road to head to a place called Mount Lee's reserve - you can free camp in a tent (or motor home there)over night  also there is a great bush walk around the reserve)

Day off the bike at Mount Lee's reserve

I decided to have a day off riding today - so I could do a few jobs on the bike including making up new pieces to fit on the handle bars on top of the brake leavers  (I'm still running my old v - brake leavers (that set lower on the bars then road bike leavers) on my new drop bar set up so the new bits are a bit like dummy brake leavers so I can rest my hands on that part of the bars )  also today is the one year mark of me being damiana and my first year living full time as female  so it's a big day for me (in many ways a 2th birthday of the year for me)   I do go for a walk around the place having some fun playing with the camera on the phone  before heading back to my tent for the rest of the day reading a few books before heading off to sleep for the night.

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