Tuesday, November 20, 2012

its the night before my taupo ride

Its the night before my " little" bike ride -my bags are packed and my bike is ready to go - am I ready to go? Well im as ready as I will ever be for a bike ride like this one - im calm and ready to have a fun ride on the bike over the next 4-5 days. ( for any one who dont know my " little" ride is around 1280 km doing 8 laps of lake taupo over the next 4-5 days ) now its time for me to try to get some sleep ( my last good sleep for the next 4-5 days as I do the bike ride)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

a last post before the taupo ride

well this time next week I will be on lap one (or maybe lap 2 (of 8) of my bike ride a round lake taupo - most of the things on my to do list are done . the few things still on the to do list will be done next week in the days before the ride (as I dont have the money this week to get then this week as I had done the food for the ride this week ( I will be using a mix of things from hammer for around 95% of food and drink on the ride)

 Im looking at doing around 8-9 hour laps depending on the weather and how I feel as I head a round the lake getting sleep when I need it - my mum will be helping me on the ride meting me at a few places around the lake so I can refuel ,change gear if need be - (she will also be keeping an eye on me to make sure im ok as I do the ride when she can : ) many of the  things in my plans are notes on things not to do that I have leant from the other long rides that I have done before like last years 640 km lake taupo fun ride that I did in the wind and rain. I don't have a time goal for this event . why dont I have one - its because that 

a) I ride to finish the ride never to race I like to look at the places that I ride past on my rides around nz

b)there is so many things that I don't know like did I train right?t ( how do one train for an 1280 km bike ride any way? ) I dont do training like most people seem to as I live on the road full time getting around by bike  its some what hard to stick to most training plan’s - I did end up spending around 2 months off the bike this year that was not plan for but that’s life on the up side i have done around 6000 km+ this year on the bike (most years I seem to end up doing around 8-10,000 km on the bike : ) so im not to worried about it (well there’s no point worrying about things one can’t change is there : )

one of the big things I just don't know is if and how me being disabled will affix things for me on the ride as there is not much out info there on disable people (who have to deal with what I deal with each and ever day) doing events like this I have spent a lot of time on the intnet doing my home work on the best way to do events like this and trying things out ( im well used to having to find new ways of doing things when I cant do things the way most people can and having to bend the odd rule a long the way )

 I don't seem to get sore legs even after last years 640 km ride I had no pain or soreness in my legs most likely because of how my dyspraxia is - one might say there is an up side to me being disabled as I have all way’s been disabled its all I know(thats to say I don't think I have ever getting sore legs from over doing things ( I still some times do get cramp in the legs if I much up my food and drink on the bike thought) maybe dur to my 7? head injures there seems to be a lot I don't remember in my life . its just one more thing that I have to deal with each day that most people don't under stand 

My heath? has been up and down this year with some thing not right with my legs from about march on word this year- there have been times that I have not be able to get my legs to work right when walking (or some times not work at all like at eqidays where I kind of had to um relearn how to walk the next day ( not fun and some what pain full for me) - I did think very hard about pulling out of the taupo ride this year but what ever is going on with my legs don't seem to affect me when riding on the bike also the more riding I do the better my heath seem to get ( the less I ride the more my legs seem to play up) any how I will be keeping a close eye on how my legs are going ( my mum will also be keeping an eye on it) 

this will likely be one of the last post on the blog (if not the last) before the big ride next week- im not sure how people will be able to see how im doing on the ride -I don't have a gps tracker or any think like that (my phone will only be used if I need to send an txt a call some one thats to say I wont have it on to face book or suff like that ) 

one last thing - when I was up at equidays a news paper? did a nice story about me and the awards night that im heading up to auckland for the week after the bike ride- heres a link to that story