Monday, June 28, 2010

going to town 40km ride

I did a 40 km ride today well I did need to go in to town for a few thing also had to do a training ride so I went the other way into town-going right (most of the I go left) out the gate on fitzherbert east road to S.H.3 going left to ashhurstand then on to palmerston nort. In town going on the river walkway untill I got to the fitzherbert bridge then back on the road to the square where I went to the library and a few other places then heading back to tielcey park by fitzherbert avenue with a short stop at the supermarket -aokautere drive- fitzherbert east road

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm still here

I'm still here

I just been a bit busy with suff so when I have some time I will post more ok

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wanganui to tielcy park

wanganui to tielcy park(near palmerston north) 95 km

after packing my gear back on the bike and saying good bye to the people at the yha I head acrouse a bridge then along the river to find a super market what i spot on the other side of the river so over a bridge to get some food then back over the river to get out of town (fun trying to find my way around town with no map) a few up and downs some of then long I past thought a town called turakina then more riding in the rain -not hard rain it just gets you wet the road is mostley flat to bulls where i stop for a rest after 4+ hour’s in the rain n the way out of bull’s there is a bridge with a side pice for people on bikes and walkers not much room for the trailer (about 5 cm on each side) a slow up hill ride from sanson to mt stewart where I stop to put the bike lights on and have some thing to eat before riding down hill then along the flat in to palmerston north where i get a flat tare then a bit of shopping then thought town and up a hill then down the last hill of the day then a bit of riding along the flats to tielcy park where i stayed the night

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ymca camp to wanganui

ymca camp to wanganui 70 km

after packing up and putting some money in the box I head down the road riding up and down hills with some road works in the rain at one of the road works the nice road workers call me over to have moning tea with then when i go to stop i can’t get my feet unclep because of all the mud and the bike falls over with me still on it so I endit with mud up one side of me (what latter wash off with all the rain)after i pick up the bike and park it on the side of the road I had a nice chat to the worker and they give me some food to eat before they went back to work and i went back to riding up and down hills in the rain getting in to wanganui about 4 pm