Monday, September 26, 2011

dealing with set backs in training

dealing with set backs in training

ever one has to deal with a few set backs now and then there are some you can plan for (like wearing out bike parts when you don't have much money ) and then there is some you cant plan for (like the bad fall I had on my tour) when I was working out a training plan for taupo I knew that there would be set backs so I allowed extra time in training and when doing the planing for the ride so I would have time to deal with then so they would not become show stoppers that  would stop me from doing the ride ( a show stopper is some thing that stops you from doing what you plan to do)is only one when you decide it is one)

with my training for taupo  I have had a few set backs over the last few weeks as I  had to take some time  off the bike as my right leg slowly healed from that bad fall I had on my last bike tour (on a tramping trip not onn the bike ) about the same time that was finish healing I also had my dyspraxia play up (well at less I think it was the  dyspraxia  but it can be hard to tell whats going on some days with me and what the cause is because of how my disabilities are) so I took it easy for about a week as I tried to work out what was going on to cause my arms and legs not to work when  and how I wanter then to work ( some times  my legs do go on strike for a few hours i.e. i cant walk for a few hours when that happens and have to get a round on my bum if i need to go some where until  my legs start working again( im not sure why it happens but its just elso for me to deal with)   

I also had to get some more parts for the bike as I wore then out. I have done on the bike friday 7000  km from the last week before taupo 2010 (when I replaced the batter in the bike comper) until now - when I buy bike parts I get suff that I will know it will last and i can fix on the side of the road if need to be  I don't worry to much about wight of the parts as the light suff cost a lot more and never seems to last as long also when the bike has 10-20 kg of gear on it theres no point putting supper light parts on the bike I still have a few things to replace on the bike as that I will  do as I can pay for then before  taupo as I like to get the bike all set up and ready for taupo about 4 weeks out from the ride to give me time to make sure ever thing is working ok on the bike   

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

why I’m doing 4 times around around lake taupo this year

why I’m doing 4 times around around lake taupo this year

well it starter back in march as I was coming back from the horse of the year show riding thought the Manawatu gorge ( a friend had giving me a lift from the show to woodville)as I was riding thought the gorge  I got thinking about the taupo ride and which of the ones that I was going to do this year as last year I trained for and did the 2 times round ride (part of the resing for doing the 2x ride was because I like to see how far I could ride my bike also to make up for my DNF of the year before as my back rim spit 30 km in to the ride  in 2009 I first did the  160 km round the lake ride in 2008 I was thinking about just doing one lap this year then as I thought about it some more I desided to look into what I had to do to do the 4 lap ride as It sounded like fun I remember  having a chat to one of the 4? riders who was doing the 4 laps last year and they said I should try it one day so after a lot of homework I have desideit to go for the 4 x ride (640 km) this year as it is  a good challenge for me to aim for as the most km that I did on a ride before taupo last year was 210 km (doing the last 110 km of the 320 km 2x taupo ride last year was a bit of mind over matter for me) I had I lot of fun on the ride last year looking at the landscape as I was working my way over the hills seeing the sun rise as I went around the lake maybe in a few years I may try the 8 lap ride round the lake . I like to push my limits and the limits that other try to put on me when they say that I can’t do some thing or that it can’t be done

Saturday, September 10, 2011

getting back into training

A easy week this week to give my leg time to heal ( went to the dr on wenday to get rid of the lump on my leg that was from my bad fall that I had as i was doing some tramping on the last bike tour)

My longers bike ride latey was about a week ago doing 120 km with about 2/3 of it siting around 27-30km/h with some of it doing 15 3 km loops of manfield? race track as there was a open day where one could ride around the race track on the bike