Tuesday, February 15, 2011

masterton to some where

after getting up and packing up i head in to town to have a look around before going to the train Station to get the train to featherston- just for some think diffit also so I could get to the rimutaka incline and Fell Engine Museum before they close for the day. haveing some fun the the train staff over my bike and trailer i get it on the train ok in featherston I have a look around town before going to the rimutaka incline and Fell Engine Museum for a few hours having a good look around and getting some good photos of the fell engine. it is well with the cost of $5 to get in if you are ging to be walking or riding over the incline . Leaving town I head out to cross creek about 10-12 km away. at the turn off to the incline I head up a drit road untill the end of the road where the walkway/bike trail starts the first 2 km is on a narrow trail just wide enough for the bike trailer with the odd bit of pushing the bike in a few places before getting to the site of cross creek (an old train town that was taking down in the 1950s when the old train route was close when the new tunnel was open. The old rimutaka incline was in use for about 70 years. at cross creek I set up my tent up for the night and have a good walk around the site getting some nice photos before going to bed for the night

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ekatahuna to masterton

44 km 14/02/2011

after packing my tent I go and see a friend for a bit then a stop to get some food before going down the road south over Mt bruce then a fun down hill ride untill the road flatings out then its a mostly flat ride into masterton getting into town around 1pm. going to see if some friends are in town (no one home)I have a look at some of the shops befor spending a few hours reading in the library untill about 4:30 when I go the the supper market then find a camp ground for the night

Friday, February 11, 2011

packing for my next trip

I'm doing some packing for my next trip away on the bike. so where am I going for this trip? I'm going to upper hut going by ekathuna, masterton and over the rimutaka incline to upper hut where I will be at the 2011 Grail of Chivalry World Invitational Jousting Competition at Harcourt Park (upper hut)

it will take me about 3-4 days to bike down to upper hut from palmerston north -Im still thinking about which way to come back by I may get the train back to palmerston north (the train from Wellington to palmerston north runs on week days (one train each way) and is $25 one way.