Monday, May 31, 2010

ohakuuna to ymca camp

ohakuuna to ymca camp 40 km

a bit of a cold night (-4 c) with ice all over my tent and bike i slowley pack up my tent with ice still on it having to rub the tent poles as they had ice up then went into town to stock on food as i dont know where the next shop will be then went to the info center to work out what road to take I went down S.H.4 this time so I will do the river road some time then out of town riding along the road to raetihi where i stopped for some food then back on the road along some fun down hills and up some not so fun up hills - the road went more down then up untill i got to the raukawa falls where i stop to get some photos then just down the road to a ymca camp where i spend the night reading some books before going to bed about 10 pm

Thursday, May 27, 2010

hamilton to some where

after packing up my tent I go back in to town to pick up a new gear cable as the one I pick up the day before did not work I head out of town to see some friends (horses and people) at rda spending a few hours there seeing the horses then went to my friends home to do a few things before leaving after dark to find some where to spend the night finding a camping ground spend the night there where i pay some money before i went off down the road

a day in hamilton

I had a day in hamilton to do a few things so about 8 am i had a look at the map to work out where to go to pick up my laptop from where it was sent to after it had been fix then off on the bike leaving most of my gear at the camping ground finding the place ok i picked up my laptop and then went to the bike shop to get some work done on the bike (with a short stop at a super marker to get some food ) spending a few hours at the bike shop getting the drive chain replace and head set replace (I had got the bike shop to order the parts in a week before as its a hard to find size in nz) also some other suff done on the bike

after the bike was back together I went the long way back to the camp ground along the river side track with a side trip into town to get a new gear cable as part way along the track the back gears stop working as the bike shops are close I try a few place finding one in kmart of all places then back on the road to the camping ground where i play with my laptop for a few hours before going back to my tent to sleep for the night

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

masterton to hamilton by bike and train

after packing up my tent and having a look around town I went to the train station to get the train from masterton to wellington -bike are free on this train -getting into wellington about 15 mins late (not that I worry about suff like that) i went along the water front to find the the info center to get a map of wellington and to work out where to spend the night then off to see the esnz ofice to do a few things before getting a train out to porirua to one of the few camping grounds near wellington.

After a bit of map work i find out where the camp ground is (up a big hill) where I book in for 2 night at $10 a night and set up my tent the next day I go for a walk in to porirua where there is a few big shopping centers that I have a look around and then spend most of the day in the library (yes I do spend a lot of time in librarys) after dark i walk back up to the camping ground and pack up some of my gear so there is lest to to in the Morning as it will be a early start as i need to get a train back into wellington before getting the the train north

up at 4:15 am to pack up my tent and get down to the train station to get into wellington before 6:45 am (so I can get my bike on the train north easy) at porirua station a pack my back into its case (the bike trailer) so I can get it on and off trains easy (also because wellington trains only take 2 bikes on each train I know i can get on the train to wellington on time and not miss the train north ) I get in to wellington train station and find out where the train going to hamilton leaves from (the other side of the station -good the thing the case with the bike in it has wheels on it) after getting on the train I find out i missed out on a window seat so I spend most of the trip out on the front of the carriage looking at suff going past and taking photos

at about 5:30 pm the train gets into hamilton where I take the bike out of the case and ride off to find the camping ground for the night

i still working on how to add photos on to this blog

eketahuna to masterton

a nice ride in the sun from the small town of eketahuna to masterton starting with a slow ascent of mt bruce passing anzac bridge on the way up then a fun down hill ride along the flats with a few up and down stopping at a shop called ree red barn where I got some food before getting in to masterton stoping at the info place to get a train ticket to go from wellington to hamilton only to find they dont sell then so I went to the aa to book the train to hamilton after that I went and saw some people in town before going to the library for a few hours. just as itt was getting dark I went to find a camp site (with lights on the bike) for the night