Monday, September 24, 2012

rotorua to taupo around 80 km

rotorua to taupo around 80 km 

after packing up I head into the city center to do a bit of shopping before heading out of town heading for taupo -as I’m leaving town I spot one of the new NZ cycle trails -it's a path footpath looking track running beside the road so I decide to take it for a change (also to get off the busy road for a bit as there is a lot of trucks and camper vans on the road) on the trail a street swapper? passers by giving a the trail a clean  there a few km latter I get a flat on the front wheel - as I'm change the tube I decide to swap the tire to one of the other tires that i have in the trailer as its looks like it's wearing out. the trail runs for a round 10 km until it gets to highlands loop rd (the road sign says “highlands loop road- no exit” - yep one of the many odd roads signs that I have past riding around nz) where the trail sees to stop for a bit before restarting down the road a bit - back on the trail I keep riding at one point it leaves the road and becomes gravel as it runs beside paddocks  after about a km of this I decide to have a look on the iphone to see where the trail ends up so after a look at the website I decide to back track to the road where I head along the road towards taupo stopping a few times to play with the trailer frame as its still dragging on the ground some times.

 riding down hill past rainbow Mt  a few km latter i head down settlers rd to take the back roads to taupo though reporoa and broadlands where the road flatting out . heading slowly into a strong head/side wind I keep riding until around 15-20 km out of taupo when I hear the trailer frame start dragging on the road all the time so I stop to have a look only to find that the tailer frame has large creaks in it where its been hitting the road some times so after a bit of an think as its going to be dark soon I give a friend a call and they come and take me to a horse place (its some where that I have spent time at before when helping at horse shows there)

the next day as im thinking what to do about the bike trailer I decide to have a look at the headset as it had came lose the day before only to find it needs replacing also I look at the front wheel to work out what the rubbing sound was - well I found what was making the sound - theres a small spit in the rim -the rims do ware down with a lot of use ( I think that this front rim has done some where around 25,000 km- its the 2 rim for the front wheel - im on the 4 rim on the back wheel) so as well as working out what to do about the trailer  I need to find a new head set (I did find one and its now on the bike : ) as well as getting a new front wheel made up ( getting made up by cyclepro bike shop in hamilton - its should be here some time this week if all goes to plan : ) so im stuck here in taupo until the parts i need get here

 about a week ago my mum brought down my mt bike so I would have a bike to ride until I can the Mtbike friday back on the road (the Mt bike is my spear bike(its spends most of its time at my mums place in te kuiti) that I got a month or so before I got the bike friday in the mail (the bike friday is hand made in the usa) the Mt bike only has done about 1500-2000 km over the same time I done some where around 35,000-40,000 km on the bike friday 

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