Thursday, January 12, 2017

Doc camp site to backpackers

Doc camp site to backpackers....
It's a hot day so I plan to sleep though the hoters part of the day before having made look at the bike when it cools down in the afternoon - I don't do very well in the heat

As I'm laying there in my tent 1/2 a sleep around midday i hear some people asking me?  About a car that's parked up?  After explaining it not mine and about the bike issues/needing a lift out to napier /hastings I get asked if I can be ready to leave in 20 minutes?

Yep no problem as I start packing up - as it turns out I was very lucky to get a lift as there is just about no one else staying at the camp ground - after packing up I help tie the trike on to the top of the box trailer towed behind a car and the bike trailer on to the front of the box trailer  (where there's a will there's a way : ) before I get into the car with a nice woman who not only gives me a lift to hastings but spends time driving around town stoping at at different places including a few bike shops

 - the first 2 bike shows I try they workshops are book up for over a week ahead and not sure if they can get the bit out -  the 3th bike shop we try (the hub in hastings) after a look at it says it will be a big job then  after some talk including asking me what exactly it the bit of metal stuck in there made of and if it harden steel (what it is...  )
they have a go at puching it out with a hammer and some steel punchs - a few minutes later with the help of the Hamer and punchs the broken part comes out of the hub  - I still need to check everything over before it gets put back together also I need to go finding some more nuts and bolts to have as spares - I have a few spares ones but most likely will need a few more - after the last visit to the bike shop the nice woman that giving me the lift from the middle of nowhere drops me off at a backpackers that a friend of mine knows the people there for the night...

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