Monday, September 22, 2014

Ta walk day 1

I been leaning more on how to use my phone today so here is day 1 of my ta walk from notes done on paper most days (some times i do a few days at a time if i been to tried to do then the night before.  I will try to put up more on my blog as i have the time and energy : )

walk day 1

Well. Today is the day i start my walk along the te araroa trail- but first i need to get to the start of the trail at cape reinga what is still 20 km north by road so there is still one last bit to get a lift by thumb - well after some time walking a ute stops to give me a lift at least part of the way to the cape. As im walking down the road away from that lift one of the doc worker at the doc office offers me a lift (well as soon as do a few jobs around the place that is- some time latter the jobs are done so getting the last lift to the carpark for a 5 min walk down to the lighthouse.

the weather is very windy with some rain as im take some photos of me and the sign post (well trying to any way : )  i get talking to a man about the walk im starting on also about life on the road - well in his case its more life on a boat. After saying goodbye to him by the sign for the coastal walkway i start on the TA trail first heading down to sea level with the wind trying to push me around

I get down to a beach then there is some rocks to climb around. With the tide coming in it means some fun times getting the timing right between waves. After that theres some more beach walking then the trail over some hills with a knee deep stream to cross first then its time for the fun game called find the next marker as i head over the hills going from marker to marker - at one place i see a line of markers heading down to a beach. Looking at the map i work out its a side trail so i keep going ending up on a 4wd track (still part of the trail) that leads down to trylight beach - yep more beach walking (what would be nice besides the crazy weather - high winds and lots of rain)

at the far end of the beach is a set of steps leading up to a campsite (cooking shelter, loos, rainwater tank). Deciding to stay the night. I cook some food then set up camp as out of the wind as i can - with the weather its a wet and wild night - the rain still some how finds its way into the hammock thought the tent fly? so by the next morning most of my things are wet including my down sleeping bag (not good at all as down sleeping bags tend to take a long time to dry out)  any how i thought this may happen some time so i have back up plans on what to do  (thought i was not expecting it on the first night)  so not the best of starts but it can (and does) get better :)