Saturday, October 16, 2010

a century ride (100 Miles or 160 Km )

I did a century ride today

A century ride is bike ride of 100 Miles ( 160 Km) in one day (or about 1 lap around lake taupo)

The plan was to only ride 146 km but as today was a nice day with not much wind I decided to go a longer way home (by the time I got home I had done 172 km) It's been over a year from the last time I did 160 km in one day. Over the last 11 weeks or so I have been riding 6 days a week doing a mix of easy and harder rides with about 6 weeks of training to go before the Lake Taupo fun ride (I'm doing 2 laps of the lake (A ride of 320 km(most people who do the ride just do part of one lap or do full 1 lap (160 km) around the lake) around lake taupo on the 26/11/2010