Thursday, June 23, 2011

bike specifications for my bike friday

bike specifications for my bike friday
bike friday make custom bike’s as well as stock bike’s - here is some info on my bike friday (i have replace some of the part’s  from when it was new
Frame:Pocket Llama 406
Model : 1.8 Pocket Llama 27.
 Color:Green Gear Green 
headset xt
bar Bike Friday Touring H bars

brake leavers    Avid FR-5 mica

brakes              Tektro MT15 "V" Brake w/Cartridge Pad

shifters             Shimano Dura Ace 9 x 2/3sp Bar Cons

fr derailleur       Shimano R443 only Braze triple Ft

re derailleur      shimano xt m761 sgs

cranks              Shim TiagraTriple 9 Int/bb 175mm silver 130/74

BB bearing       Shimano Tiagra (4500) 68xEnglish

cassette            11-32 9sp SRAM PG-970

rims                  Alex DM18 (406) 32o 20 x 1.5" Silve (first set of wheel’s)

spokes          DT 14 ga. Stainless w/ brass nip /    (first set ofwheel’s)

 fr hub           Formula 32o cartridge bearing QR Silver Alloy   (first set of wheel’s)

r hub                 Shimano Deore 32o M530FH 8sp/9 Black    (first set of wheel’s)

 chain        Sram PC951 9 Speed Chain

tires           Schwalbe Marathon K 20 x 1.5" (406) 30-100psi (tires that came with the bike

pedals       Wellgo WPD-981 Dual sided pedal SPD 51 comp

seatpost  Uno 28.6 x 350 SP Silver

rear rack   BF Alloy Rear Rack -Black 60lb limit

front rack   BF Low Mount Front Cro-Moly tube packable rack

bottle cage’s Cateye Flexible

a week off training and a small set back

I am taking a week off training this week as I can spend some time to catch up on a few things(like cleaning up my laptop and going thought my hard drives getting rid of old file's) and trying a few new thing's - I do have a life out side of spending all my time out on the bike and all the other things that go with doing  the taupo ride I am also giving my body some time to rest so i don't over do thing's

on monday I had a small set back with training on the bike. Going to the bike shop to get the back wheel of my bike friday fixed up. I do most of the work on my bikes as I am used to having  to fix thing's on the bike on the road but there is a few job's that I still go to the bike shop for.  When I went to pick it up I found out that I had spit in the rim so I need to get a new rim and the wheel rebuilt with new spokes I am using my old back wheel so i can keep riding (and keep up with the training) the old wheel will last a few weeks of riding but I will need to get the wheel done some time soon -I will be getting the work done  on the wheel when I can find a way to pay for it(it will be around $250 for the parts and for the rebuld of the wheel )

time for a new rim

Friday, June 10, 2011

bike friday club of nz

bike friday club of nz
I'm starting a bike friday club for people who have bike fridays in nz (also for people who would like to find out more about bike fridays) the web site for the club  on the bike friday web site is at

to join the bike friday club you can send ma a email at madonhorses(at)
or give me a call (or txt) on 021373742

from the bike friday web site

Bike Friday Club merchandise discount:
• 10% off all accessories bought from Bike Friday.
• $10 off Bike Friday Jersey
Meet other Bike Friday owners in your area and share stories, tips, techniques and rides.
Membership is for anyone interested in finding out more about Bike Friday. You can see a Bike Friday up close, ride one and ask existing owners why they chose it. Just like our bikes, the Bike Friday Club of America (and Beyond) is for everyone.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6 month’s out from the ride

 6 month’s out from the ride

training for the ride is doing ok i have got the bike friday back on the road after it had been off the road for about the last 3 week  so I went for a little bike tour over the weekend( I have been using my mt bike that is my back up bike over the time the bike friday has been off the road wanting for some parts from bike friday in the usa (it can take around 2 weeks for me to get suff in the mail from when it is sent to me to me getting it) as my mt bike is not set up for long road rides (over 80 km) I have not been doing as many long rides as i would of like to have got done in the last few week .Now my bike friday is back on the road( A big thank you to bike friday  for all the help getting the bike all fix up) I can start doing the long rides each week. most of my daly rides are around 30-50 km long so I’m riding around 200-300 km each week doing around 10% more km each week-well that is the plan as some week’s I do more then the 10%

a few weeks ago I some how sprained  my left wrist well at lest thats what I think I did  to it anyway. theres not much I can do about it beside strapping it up and  keep riding thought the pain when it is sore( my wrist are some what weak from old injuries so Im used to  having to strap then up)

I’ m still working on bike set up as what works for 100 km rides may not work on 600+ km rides and working on to do list’s and other lists- what gear to take, back up plans, what to eat  and drink on the ride ( And in training) working on my next training plan ,what needs to be replace on the bike as parts wear out on the bike and other gear that need’s  fixing or replacing

I have been doing a lot of reading on bike riding there not much out there on riding over 300 km- there is a lot on how to ride fast like in racing and on light gear and bikes (I don't race on the bike  the weight of my bike is around 12-14 kg set up for long rides and touring -I can go fast when I want to thought the bike is geared for touring on(with low gears for going over steep hill's)-it's not set up for racing (If I was in to racing on the bike I would use a bike like bike friday's Pocket Rocket. I’m using gear that last well and works for me on the bike and can be fixed or is easy to find on the road - I use dura ace bar end shifter's not sti shifter's as they are easy to work on and are lower cost to replace (I may do a blog post with a full list of what I have on my bike's and how they are set up) some times I have to fix things on the side of the road in the middle of no where- it's some thing I have done a few times over the years)