Wednesday, February 15, 2012

te kutit to ohakune by train and bike

doing the last of my packing I diside to have one last look at  the train as I did the road a few weeks ago -the train was going to coust $80 but then it went down to $50 so I desideit to go on the train to nat? park getting my mum to drop me off at the train I find out the train people have some how  forgotten to tell the people on the train about me? as my name was not on the list any way I got on the train -no charge for the bike (I love having a folding bike) after getting the suff up work out i sat down to enjoy the train trip going though a mix of bush and farm land on the way going around the raurimu spiral -

just past the spiral is the town of np where i got off the train -in the rain (thats stays around for the rest of the day)  after a bout an hour or two of talking to a few people about the bike and having some food I start down the road only to find my bike comper is not working -needs a new batter (done 10900 km from the last time I put a batter in it about 14 months ago )$6 later (ouch small town pirzes) its working  so I head down the road for about 20 km before going down a side road to the start of the old ohakune coach road

the track starts off as a gravel road before going though a gate and going over a stream then the track is a new narrow track about a M wide in places it goes a long tho old coach road (very bumpy with lots of mud) passing the old the taonui viaduct and a few side tracks to the hapuawhenua viaduct and to an old train tunnel be for getting into ohakune about 8:30 pm after getting some food and put the bike lights on  I head back down the road going to the doc camp for the night

the old ohakune coach road

some photos from the old ohakune coach road