Friday, December 3, 2010

bulls to tielciy park (palmerston north

bulls to tielciy park (palmerston north) 60 km

having a bit of a sleep in before putting my gear on the bike (for the last time on this trip). just before I leave I have a chat to the person who I saw yesterday (who is also on a bike tour) . leaving bulls I go over a long bridge on the footpath (there is a sign telling cyclists to used the footpath as the bridge is narrow (it is a bit of a tight fit with the bike trailer) the road goes thought a mix of farm land and small towns. at Mt stewart there is a look out where I stop for a bit of food before riding down hill and a long the plans to Palmerston north where I go to a few places (like dropping off one of the batter for my bike light that I used at taupo) then I went out to tielcey park where i stay when I am not on the road.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

taihape to bull's

taihape to bull's 94km

having a chat to some elso on a bike tour we leave the camping ground about the same time and end up riding about the same speed in to taihape (the camping ground is 3 km north of town) I stop to stock up on food and say good bye o the other cyclist onley to see him 5 mins latter having some food at the same place that i stop at so we end up riding together over a big hill to the small town of mangaweka where we spend a round an hour chat to people before I head down a side road to have a look at an old power station and dam where i spend some time taking photo before getting back on the road to Hunterville. riding most of the way into a head wind I stop in Hunterville for some food and have a seafood basket (it was very nice meal) back one the road I keep going untill I get to the town of bull's where after asking a few people and going down some roads I find out the camping ground is.As I am putting up my tent I see the tent and bike of the cyclist that I was riding with for some of the day

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

turangi to taihape

turangi to taihape 94 km

leaving turangi around 10:30 am and starting the big ride up hill (around 600m+ climb from turangi at 370 m alt up to the summit of the desert road at 1074 m alt ) on the way uphill I do a little side trip along one of the power canels? then back on S.H.1 climbing up to and a round the mt's getting to the top of the desert road around 4 pm and a 200m down hill to waiouru where I stop to look at some maps then it's back on the road with a few more up and downs untill I get to about 3 km north of taihape where I stop at a camping ground for the night