Monday, July 2, 2012

time to pack

well its time fore me to start packing- my bike parts came in the mail on friday -after getting the bike set up with the new parts and a few test rides over the last 3 days (like a 42 km afternoon/night ride on back roads : ) the bike is now ready to get back on the road

so now its time to start packing and also work out what roads im riding on in the first 2 weeks on the road-after that I will just deside each day where Im riding to next on the map or off the map as the case my be my riding tends to go down fun back roads alot of the time

packing for this trip is harder as Im riding from one end of nz to the other in winter time so will need warmer gear then for most of the places that I get to (most of my south island riding has been around summer time also I have been looking at doing a few more of the off road cycleways so have been looking at ways to cut down what gear im taking -maybe just taking the bike and leaving my bike trailer at my mums place so I will be laying out what gear I think I might bring with me on the ride and see how much room it takes up (need more room in the panner/trailer when doing winter touring then summer touring) to deside if to take the trailer this time - in the past when I have done off road touring on mt bike tracks I have found some one to store/move the trailer and exter gear for me so i may need to do that on this trip to get in some more of the nz cycle ways as i head down nz - 

I plan to get on the road some time this week or next week depending on how packing and all the last min jobs go (many of the jobs on my to do list are best done when Im staying in one place for at lest a few days)

also I will be getting in some much needer training for the taupo ride- having been on the bike about 5 or 6 times in the last month It will be nice to spend some good time on the bike  doing a round 400 + km a week on the bike between now and taupo (maybe getting in the odd fun ride from time to time) 

it will be good to be back on the road seeing friends new and old and going places- some that I have been to before other places that will be new to me