Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A short update on what's going on with the nz bike ride

Hi all - because of some on going Heath issues and timing issues with other events in my life I will be putting this ride ( me end to end ride of nz ) on hold until after I do the lake Taupo bike ride ( a 1280 km fun ride over 4-5 days in the last week in November of this year) at this point in time I'm not sure what the new start date will be for my end to end ride   -I  will see how long it takes to recover from doing the Taupo ride - I'm still in training for the Taupo bike ride so will be posting updates on here when I can : )

Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a good day for a bike ride

Good 70 km bike ride. Weather was great ( no rain : ) took a new way into town for the first 6? Km ( a fun little back road that's  gravel and links up about a km from my friends place and s.h.1 ) onice I got to town I decided to do a loop going to see the new lifting bridge ( part of the bridge lifts to let sailing ships in to the town docks? ) got side track by the bmx track and had a chat to some people at the track (and yes I did do one slow loop of the bmx track - no jumping - yes my bike has 20" wheels but no its not a bmx bike : ) the new bridge has wide footpaths on each side of it - looks like they still building the paths as the ones on the bridge don't go any where yet  - the night ride back to my friends place was fun - not many cars onice I got out of the city  the moon was near full? With lots of light - could even read my bike comper ( to see how fast and how far I go ) by the light of the moon-  even go a nice tail wind on the way home 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back on the road next week ( well that is what the plan is any way)

Well the plan now is to get back on the road some time next week - I have one more trip to the dr ( on Monday )to go to - as long as that goes ok I be back on the road first heading north to the cape then it's time to head south doing the end to end ride - my back up plan if I can't start the ride in the next few weeks( due to Heath or other reasons )  is to put the ride on hold until after I do my lake Taupo fun ride (8 laps of lake Taupo -around 1280 km over about 5 days ) in late November - that time of year is not the best for my ride  as the roads will be busier, harder to find places to stay , cost will be higher (peak season for many places) 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Life on hold

Life on hold

Well I was ment to be on the road heading south now but I have been having a few um heath issues the need to be deat with before I can get back on the road 

So what's going on for now- I been staying at a friends place for around the last  2 weeks or so as I try to work out what's going on with my Heath - what is causing some of the issues and what I can do to fix ( or more likey to find ways to get around the issues )  and rest up 

Some days are better then others and I have no real ideas on a time frame for me to get better as some things may take a long time to get better

I'm back off to the dr on wednesday to see if they have any ideas on what's going on with my Heath - been there onice ( maybe a week ago )- had some x-rays done on my legs to try to work out where some of the pain is coming from ( may be from old injurys from around 3 years ago ?) as well as some other tests 

So at this point in time my life is some what on hold as until at lest  wednesday I'm not sure what the next step will be in my life 

On the up side I went for a 66 km bike ride yesterday - into town and back ( test ride to see what will happen with my heath when spending time on the bike ) that went a lot more better then the last test ride that wore me out for a few days - so that is a good sign that at less part of my Heath is getting better : )