Wednesday, April 25, 2012

doc camp to doc camp by port under wood road 35 km

doc camp to doc camp by port under wood road  35 km

a short day in km but a long day in hills - after packing up camp I start riding up the first hill of the day with the road tar seal to the next bay then the road is gravel (hard back dirt with lot of wash board +a very bumpy ride with some parts of the road muddy from the rain a few day ago so the wheel slid road a bit as i ride up the hills)the road climbs up then drops into the next only to climb back up and over. some where along the way one of my drink bottlers is lost (would of came out its cage with all the bumps) In a few of the bay there is a bit of tar seal for about a km of two then its back to gravel . riding into the last bay the tar seal starts and keeps going. the climb out of the bay is a long hot one as it climbs up to a saddle? high over the bays finally getting to the top i get some photos before heading down the other side (a steep 5 km down with lots of tight bends) at the botten back at sea level theres a doc camp where i set up camp and dry out some of my gear and cook some food before getting into my tent to keep out the sand fly s. 

peddlers rest to doc camp 80 km

peddlers rest to doc camp 80 km

after saying good bye to the people at pr I ride back the 1 1/2 km to S.H.1 where the hill start away and keep going with just a few rolling hills and the odd flat bit between the larger hills passing by some small towns stoping to look at the old road/rail bridge (the rail is on the top level with the road under on a lower level - there is a new road bridge to replace the old one lane part of the road bridge - the rail still is on top of the old bridge) after getting to the top of the last big hill of the day I get some photos before enjoying the nice long down hill into blenneim as it is getting dark I put my lights on after getting some food back on the road I ride along until I get to the town of spring creek where I desidet to go to picton by the port under wood road so after a bit of hit and miss map work i find the right road where after riding along for some time I get to a doc camping ground where i set up camp for the night

Monday, April 23, 2012

im still here

im still here just been a little busy with life to get much typing done on the laptop -I am slowly typing up about a week of blog posts and going though photos and should have them up some time this week or next weeks

Thursday, April 12, 2012

some where to pedals rest 137 km

some where to pedals rest  137 km

a long day on the bike with an early start and a late finish(after dark) leaving the place where I stayed last night I ride by a few small towns before starting up the first of the many hill of the day. getting over the first big hill theres a down hill then these a few small rolling hills before the big hill of the day where after a quit stop at the top I have a fun down hill ride back down to sea level where I ride a long the coast until I get to the town of kaikoura passing 2 one lane tunnels along the way .after a look around town i get some food then get back on the road until i spot some seals so after getting a few photos I ride to i get to a walkway to a waterfall where there is some seals playing in the stream then its back on the road only stoping for photos and to but my bike  light on as its get dark riding until i get to the tune off to pedals rest where i'm spending the night. after setting up my camp i have a chat a lady (who is also on a bike tour) for a few hours before going to bed for the night

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

friends place to some where 112 km

friends place to some where 112 km

the day starter with a lift to get to the other side of Christchurch? the its on the back roads for a bit to get past the motorway  stoping in kaiapo for some food for the next 2 days I ride along until I get to amberley where I stop at a cafe for some hot food and drink as it's raining (and the rain keeps up all day ) then its back on the road going over a few hills and passing by a few towns until just on dark I go and ask at some ones place if they know some that i might be able to put my tent for the night ending up putting up my tent behind the house Its nice having some where to dry off after doing 112 km in the rain that day : )