Saturday, July 24, 2010

why 2 times around lake taupo not just once

I'm going to go ride around lake taupo 2 times -why 2 times and not just once like most people

1. I did once around in 2008 and found it easy as I spend a lot of time on the bike going from horse show to horse show when the horse shows are on and going on bike tours when I am not at shows

2. I had a try to go once around last year as well but 30 km in my back rim spit (to many km wearing the rim out) so to make up for not finishing last year I had a think about what happen and how to stop it haing the next time and desideit that I will go 2 times round the lake to make up for it

3. I like a challenge

4 it's some thing with some help and a lot of hard work I should be able to do and have fun doing - if you call riding 320 km in about 14 hours over a lot of hills fun

training for taupo week one

it's week one of training for round taupo ride (out of about 16 weeks) -I'm training to ride 2 times around lake taupo this year

the plan was to ride 16,19,22,day off ,22,65,24km

so how is training going. its going ok i'm finding it a bit hard to do the km in the plan each day but it's not like most people as my week so far with one day to go went like this 27,27,28,day off,28,77km and have got 24 km to ride on sunday so I over did the km a bit- so far I should of done 144km but have done 187km why did I go over my km so far this week

because I went in to town most days this week -as I don't drive (and can't drive because of my dyspraxia and a few other things) to get around I go by bike as its about 7 km to get to a shop as I am staying at a farm over winter this year so its go by bike or walk 7 km each way to get to a shop or where the bus to town leaves from (I dont like to ask people for lifts as most of the time I need to spend more time doing suff in town or at the shops as ever think seem to take longer for me to get done so when I am own my own I can get suff done in how ever long it take me to get suff done)

and because I like to ride my bike down roads that I have not been down before

also when using road maps to work out how far some where is I find that road maps are flat-faced liars- they show roads that are not there at the same time not showing roads that are there ,they don't show where the hills are and when they do show the Distance the km's are often not right and the show towns that are no longer there

over the next few weeks as I ride around the small towns around 25-70 km from Palmerston north I should have a better idea how far its to each small town and which roads to ride each day for training also as the distance get more each week going to town won't mean go over the distance to ride most days

Saturday, July 17, 2010

just a note on my posts

I am still leaning about bloging so I will need to work on getting the dates right and a few other thing so have a read and let me know what you think of my blog

taupo to motutere bay

taupo to motutere bay 37 km
after packing my tent up I head into town to do a few jobs (like washing and putting the bus people back in they place )after some food and a hunt to find some where to fill up my water bottlers I head along the like side track -yes it is the long way out of town but I have all day to get to where I am going and it is a nice day day for riding . After taking a lot of photos and riding down some side roads I get back on to S.H.1 riding around lake taupo the road is mostly flat with just a few hills the big one being Hatepe hill-I get up the hill easily

what is a good thing about going slow on a bike-you get to spot things like money on the side of the road-I found a $20 note on the side of the road riding over Hatepe hill

on the way down the hill i met up with some one else on a bike riding around nz and he had been riding in Australia until the week before . a nice ride with just one other hill to go before the camping ground where I decide to spend the night

motutere bay to Mangahuia doc camp

motutere bay to Mangahuia doc camp 75 km

an early start as I have a long day ahead of me with a lot of hills. Riding beside lake taupo for part of the way to turangi where I shop for some food (last shop for about 50 km) a few km out of turangi is Tokaanu power station where I stop to get some photos before the long climb up to Te Ponanga saddle (360m in 6 km) stoping a few times to look at the view over lake taupo and to have some lunch. After I get to the top there is a fun down to lake rotoaira where I stop to get photos of the lake and the intake for the power station after the lake the road rolls up and down more up then down passing a few rivers that feed into lake rotoaira (the water then is feed into a intake of an tunnge thought the hill then down 4 big pipes into the power station then by a tail race in to lake taupo ) just on dark I stop and put my bike lights on and keep riding as it as a nice night to ride with a full moon over Mt Ruapehy . passing the odd farm house and a few side road I ride on some times a car stops and asks me if i am ok I say that I am ok then I ask then if the know how far it is to the doc camp (the cars that pass give me more room in the night time then they do in the day time) passing the turn of to Whakapapa village I get to the doc camp about 7:30 pm where I set up my tent and go to sleep for the night

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

how many km do I do a year on the bike?

I am ask alot how many km a year I do on the bike

it depends on if I am staying in one place most of the time or not

in the last 2 years I have done about 10,000 km with maybe 7000 km of that on tour (ie living on the road on the bike and riding most days )

each week I may do any thing from 20 km and up (up to 1000 km a week when on tour in the summer time ) where I am staying the winter town is about a 25 km round trip that I do 3 to 5 days a week

as I am training for the round Lake taupo run ride (the 2x round the lake ride(320 km) not just one times around (160km ) I am doing more and more km's each week to get fit for it