Friday, August 12, 2011

Kauaeranga Valley to Pinnacle’s hut

Kauaeranga Valley to Pinnacle's hut
after packing up my tent I head down to the doc office to pay the camp fee's for the last 2 nights and to book and pay for a night at the Pinnacle's hut - packing an over night bag I leave the bike and the rest of my gear at the doc office and head down the road walking the 8 km to the road end and the start of the web creek track. walking up web creek track I take some photos at the stream  crossing and at Hydro camp (where the people who put in the power line in the 1970? camped) walking along  the ridge lines for most of the way to the hut. after getting to the hut I have a look at the old dancing camp dam that was built in the 1920?. going up the track to the Pinnacle's I see that it has been done up from the last time I was there. there is some c? shaped steel bars to help climb  up the rocks. as I was climbing up on one of the bars I came off it and fell 1-2 m down the rocks some how getting my left leg trapped in one of the other bars and hitting the same bar very hard with my right leg. after about 10 min's thinking about how to get the leg out and how to get back down to the hut (I  have leant over the year's  not to panic when things like this happen as that tends to make things worst) I end having to take off my boot and twist my foot around a bit before getting my leg out.  as I am close to the top any way I keep going taking it slowly at the top I get some photos before slowly going back down using my walking pole to take most of the wight of my right leg swearing a few times (turning the air blue) as my right leg is very sore. after getting back to the hut I put my leg in the cold stream for some time(as it's a bit hard to find ice 3 hours walk from the road end). after a bit of a chat to the hut warden & cooking some food before going to bed for the night. In the morning I have a chat to the hut warden about my leg also on how the best way to get down as there is no way I would be able to walk back down on it  I end up getting a lift in a helicopter that was doing some work on the tracks to a road end where I get a lift to the Thames hospital where I get check out-no broken bone's  just very sore to walk on after having a compression bandage? (I think that what it' s called) put on i'm discharge  after walking (limping) thought?town and down the start of the road to the Kauaeranga Valley  I get a lift until a few km from the doc office where I pick up my bike and the rest of my gear  ( finding out that I can ride ok as long as I don't over do it )riding the 2.5 km to the same camp site that I stay at before I set up my tent for the night.

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