Saturday, April 30, 2016

Levin to porirua  86 km

Levin to porirua  86 km

After a bad night - (including a few nightmares to do with what happened the day before) I knew I had a choice -after yesterday I could live in fear and have what if's have control over my life or I could put yesterday's events behind me and keep living my life the best way I can  - in the end to me it was simple -  I'm determined to put what happened to me yesterday behind me - I do not and will not let fear and what if's have control over my life so it was time to get back on the road by bike

As I was leaving levin I deside to have a bit of retail therapy  looking at things at a big 2th hand shop (save mart) - I found a nice pare of leg/knee warmers (for cycling) and a nice cycle top - total cost was $17  then it was back on the road with the road being mosty flat passing through farmland  though the town of Otaki (a town that looks like it's made up of factory 2th shops - as most of the shops you pass on the main road are factory 2th shops - the town centre is around a km off the main road -

funny story - when I was walking the te araoa trail a few years ago I walked through Otaki - when I stopped at the info center to asked where the library was I got told it was a long walk way and was I up to a long walk - well after asking just how far it was and getting told it was a km away I just said with a smile "well having walked from cape reinga to get here (over 1400 km)  I think I can walk 1km to get to the library ok"

Past Otaki I keep riding on the main road until I get to a side road with cycle route signs so I follow the signs down roads and tracks for much of the rest of the days riding - in places there's a lack of signs that make route finding a bit of a challenge - some parts are well marked and have off road cycle/walk way paths - in other places there no signs and it takes a bit of hunting around to find the next part of the route that takes me into porirua where I get to then it's up a hill to a Campground that I have stayed at in the past - though because of how I'm treated (transgender suff)  I most likely be looking for a different place to stay in future  - after setting up camp I spend a bit of time reading and relaxing as I charge up my e-suff  before heading off to bed for the night

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