Thursday, January 12, 2017

Some where to doc camp site

Some where to doc camp ground...

Spending the morning reading as I only have 36 km to ride (even if it's over a number of steep hills) today - was I was packing up my camp a few of the people in the passing traffic that stopped to look at the old bridge /take a break  stop for a chat - with one even remembering me from the attude TV documentary the year before last  - can be funny just how many people remember me from that show and where they see me -  yep even in the middle of nowhere I can't hide : )

The days riding starts with a climb - funny just how offen that seems to happen to me : )   it's a long slow climb up out of the river valley - at a few times I pull over to let passing trucks by - each time they give me lots of room : )  as I'm climbing there a few steep hill signs - the ones showing a car going up or down a steep angle with the words saying trucks use low gear - at the top climb out of the valley the road rolls up and down a bit before dropping steeply in to a another river valley before climbing back out  on the other side  then it's just one more steep climb to go before I get to the doc camp  - there's a steep grade sign that I stop to get a photo of - as I'm standing next to the bike a passing car stops - winds down the window And asks me if I want a beer what I replied no to ( I don't drink beer or other alcohol - as my body can't handle It for some reason ) then the driver asks me if I want wisket?   I also say no to it  - then the driver says "you got nice tits"  before saying"have a great after life "  before driving off   - as I'm thinking - there's some very odd /creepy People around the place at times and being happy that they drove off - in the opposite way that I'm going)

As I go to start riding up the last hill of the day the peadels spin yet the bike don't move - has the chain come off?   Nope the chain is still on so what's going on?  After checking a few things I see that the nut and bot that holds the drive side hub to the drive axle has broken and a bit of it is stuck in the hub /Axle  - ok what now I do have a replacement bot and nut for it but with the bit stuck in there I can't put it in to get back moving - and I'm in the middle of nowhere with only a few passing cars/moter homes /trucks per day on this road   as I'm having a go at getting the broken bit out a house bus stops with the driver asking me if I'm OK -

after explaining the issue the driver of the house bus parks up off the road before coming back with some tools as we try to get the broken bit out - we get it a bit out  but no more than that - it needs to be drill out or done with a hammer and punch so after some thought the driver waves down a mate of his (they heading for the doc?  lodge near the doc camp ground)  and load up the trike and trailer into the back of the  4wd and drive me over the hill to the doc camp ground where after setting up my camp I get some water from the river (with my folding kitchen sink) and run it through my water filter - doing around 5-6 L of drinking water  - now my main issue beside some how getting a lift out of here if I can't get that bit of broken off bolt out myself is food  (I got between 2-6 days of food left if I'm careful) and maybe a way to pass on a message so people don't panic when they don't hear from me in about 2 days time if I'm still at the doc camp ground then...
Doing a bit of reading before heading off to sleep for the night

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