Monday, May 16, 2016

here's some more notes from the road - enjoy : )

Hi all - here's some more notes from the road  -   enjoy : )

Doc camp site to some where

After packing up camp I head  the 10 km back in to picton where I spend a bit of time looking around town before stocking up on some food and starting the climb out of picton - a fun little warm up of a hill : )  after  that bit of a hill it's mostly flat?  For much of the rest of the day  getting in to b where there is a off road cycle Lane next to the road that leads onto a footpath across the bridge (the bridge has not much space for bikes on the road part of the bridge so it's safer to use the footpath when crossing it) I stop at the info center for info on some places to camp for the night before heading to a bike shop to pick up a few things including a replacement trailer tire  then had a bit of other things to deal with before doing some shopping for the next few days  and heading out town on SH1  - did try at one place  (that said they had camping) for a tent site but all they had was space for motor homes :  (   so I keep on riding - as I'm riding on SH1 towards the big hill (and it's getting darker) I pass a road called redwood pass?  About a km or two down the road pass the road to redwood pass I remember where I saw that name (of the road)  - redwood pass is part of the old (up to 1930s) route  south  -  a bit of Google latter I see its still in use (with signs saying no though way for long trucks)  I even see some notes from other bike touring riders who have done the road -  the road is a mix of tarseal and gravel that winds it's way up hill towards the pass (198 m or so)  at some point in time it's time to put to turn my bike lights on and keep on riding until I find a safe place to set up my tent for the night - I do find a place just off the road - it's on a bit of a lean but it do for the rest of the night : )

Some where to  cyclists hosting place

A bit of a early start to the days riding as I keep riding down hill until I'm back near sea level then it's along some more back roads until I get back on SH1 - having done the gravel parts of the road with out dropping the bike in the gravel just before I get on SH1 as I'm riding down a tarseal road I stop to check the map - as I'm getting under way I touch the edge of the road with the bike wheels - it's deep but lose gravel - I don't unclip fast enough and the bike tips over - I do a bit of a hapkido break fall to protect my hands and wrists from injury as I hit the road - it might be a slow speed fall but the fall can still cause injury - after a check for injuries (all ok though I might be a black and blue in a few places latter) I get back on the bike and ride off down on SH1 south - a few km latter I get to a place where there is a old 1902? Road/rail bridge  (the rail on the top deck (which is still being in use) and a one Lane road bridge on the lower deck (the road deck was pulled up when a new 2 Lane bridge was built a few years ago near the old Bridge -  after getting some photos it's time to get back on the road  I head up the hill getting in to the small town where I spend some time at the info center Including finding out if the cycle hosting place is still open as the old bike on a old watertank  is missing? (that is the marker for the bike hosted that I have stayed at before when riding this route) yes it's still open - as I find out latter some one had stolen the old bike off the watertank  then it's time for the next bit of riding over rolling hills ending with a fun down hill then it's down a gravel road for a bit to the bike touring accommodation where I spend the rest of the day doing my washing and a few other jobs before spending time reading before heading to bed for the night in my tent (there is a bunk room as well at the place (the place has been /is used by farm workers at times? As well as for touring cyclists (Maybe?)

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